Business Valuation

Business Valuation

In business, many occasions arise when an unbiased, independent business
valuation is the key to the formulation and execution of strategy. Adams Capital specializes in valuation issues, with over 3,000 public and private transactions to our credit, representing over $50 billion. We perform business valuation services for purposes including: Financial Reporting, Fairness Opinions, Stock Option Valuation, Gift and Estate Tax Planning, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, and Corporate Recapitalizations. We also provide related services such as Transaction Advisory, Litigation Support, Qualified Third Appraiser, Discount and Premium Studies and Initial Public Offering Services.

Adams Capital delivers credible valuation conclusions, which consider every angle of your
unique situation, by applying the most advanced and appropriate valuation methods. Our
concise, timely reports are thorough and accurate with conclusions supported by market data and experience providing a reasonable basis for informed decisions.

Precise, expert analysis centered on profit enhancement and maximization of after-tax
wealth – that is our commitment to you.

What They Say

"I am recommending him to your bank with a significant endorsement and know that your people in Cincinnati would enjoy the same kind of professionalism and understanding as we have experienced."