Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services

Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services

The decision to buy or sell a company is one of the most important choices that company management will make. Numerous factors are critical to understanding a company’s intrinsic value, and most importantly, its strategic value. Our merger and acquisition services provide the following benefits:

  • A complete understanding of a company’s intrinsic value
  • A complete understanding of a company’s strategic value
  • Knowledge of a company’s potential value to different types of buyers
  • Reasonable starting range for negotiations
  • Discussion items for negotiations
  • Identification of positive points that increase the sales price or negative points that decrease the sales price
  • Advice on the appropriate timing of the acquisition or sale
  • Ability to maximize after-tax wealth

Understanding a company’s value is a crucial and time-consuming part of the transaction process. Adams Capital assists in understanding the dynamics of the marketplace, the business and industry risks, and the opportunities to increase shareholder value. When determining a company’s value, we perform detailed analysis of:

  • Financial condition and operating performance (both historical and projected)
  • Industry trends and expectations
  • Economic environment
  • Intangible asset value
  • Market price of similar public companies
  • Recent sales of comparable companies

Adams Capital is experienced in identifying opportunities to increase shareholders’ after-tax net worth. We recognize that building value is not necessarily the same as increasing the bottom line. Our experience and team approach provides our clients with value-added services including industry knowledge, tax implications, due diligence, and shareholder value analysis to support a company’s purchase or sale.