Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Many financial and tax reporting circumstances require qualified, independent valuation services. When a company goes public, issues stock options, or transfers or sells equity interests, a valuation is required for reporting purposes. Adams Capital’s professionals are experienced in providing the necessary valuation services to meet SEC and auditor requirements such as:

Derivatives and Hedging Valuation (ASC 815) – Embedded derivatives and hedges must be recorded at fair value.

Stock Based Compensation (ASC 718) – When a company issues stock options or other financial instruments such as convertible preferred stock, the instruments must be valued so that the company can accurately report related compensation expense and the recipients can accurately report income.

Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805) – Following a merger or acquisition in which a change of control occurs, the purchase price must be allocated to the acquired assets.  The process includes the valuation of all identifiable intangible assets transferred as well as the determination of the value of any goodwill. We also offer stand alone fixed asset, intangible asset valuation, and merger and acquisition advisory services.

Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment Testing (ASC 350) – In accordance with ASC 350, goodwill and any indefinite lived intangible assets must be tested at least annually for impairment.

Long-Lived Asset Impairment (ASC 360) – Adams Capital can assist in determining if a long-lived asset group needs to be tested, which assets need to be included in the asset group, and, if necessary, the determination of the appropriate impairment amount.

Fresh Start Accounting Valuation – Concurrently with an emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a business must have have a third party value its assets at fair value for its new balance sheet.

Accounting for Certain Loans or Debt Securities Acquired in a Transfer (ASC 310-30) – ASC 310-30 provisions set forth the accounting treatment for acquired loans with evidence of deteriorated credit quality. Because an acquired failed bank will likely hold a large inventory of loans with deteriorated credit quality, the guidance in ASC 310-30 will be applicable.

Fair value measurement for financial reporting must be in compliance with ASC 820 (excluding ASC 718).

Adams Capital’s professionals have significant experience performing valuation services for financial reporting purposes. Our backgrounds in finance, accounting, taxation, and law, and our experience with over 2,000 public and private transactions, allow us to provide credible valuation conclusions. Please contact Adams Capital to understand better how your company can work within applicable reporting guidelines, meet fiduciary responsibilities, and realize financial goals.