Adams Capital can act as a non binding mediator in valuation oriented disputes and as an expert in other mediation matters.  Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) used in resolving disputes between two or more parties.  A third party mediator assists the parties involved in negotiating a settlement.  As a mediator, Adams Capital will carefully consider perspectives of both parties to a matter, will independently investigate conflicts and will issue a written opinion.  Frequently this valuation specific mediation will more efficiently resolve disputed matters while ensuring that all parties interests are carefully considered.

Adams Capital provides independent, third party valuations to assist in dispute resolution.  In addition to providing the opinion of value, we help all parties understand the reasoning for our conclusions which helps reach a settlement easier.

An alternative to litigation, mediation of business disputes is typically less costly and time intensive.  It leaves the control of the proceedings in the hands of the parties rather than the legal system.  There are no complex procedural or evidentiary rules which must be followed.  Mediation allows the parties to revise and adjust the conflict scope as circumstances change.  It also allows for flexible solutions and settlements.  Settlements reached in mediation are the result of both parties willing to compromise to avoid the uncertainties of litigation.

Consider mediation as an alternative to the litigation process.  Adams Capital has significant experience in mediation as a valuation expert.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the mediation process and related valuation services.


"We have used David several times now and I can tell you he is the most thorough and thoughtful person I have used in the field of valuation."