Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory

Adams Capital provides transaction advisory services for both buyers and sellers.  Our focus is to enable informed decision making.  Our compensation is not contingent on our findings nor is it dependent on a transaction outcome.  Adams Capital begins transaction advisory engagements with a fixed fee and then charges hourly for follow on support.

Our valuation expertise will help determine whether a transaction makes sense from a financial perspective.  We bring years of transaction experience to the table which may provide insight on additional opportunities, structures, or risks.  The result will be to close good transactions and walk away from bad transactions.  In each case knowing that appropriate financial, operational, and industry information was considered as part of the decision making process.

Transaction advisory engagements may include a fairness opinion when fiduciary issues are a concern.  We have significant experience setting transaction prices when no true independent decision maker exists.  Our work is routinely relied on by trustees, executors, and knowledgeable decision makers who lack in depth background or experience related to a specific business situation.


"I am recommending him to your bank with a significant endorsement and know that your people in Cincinnati would enjoy the same kind of professionalism and understanding as we have experienced."