What size companies does Adams Capital typically work with?

We work with companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to public companies with over $10 billion in revenue.  Revenues of the typical client vary depending on the type of project.

What industries has Adams Capital worked in?

With over 40 years valuation experience, we have performed work for companies in almost all industries including, but not limited to, healthcare, information technology, logistics, manufacturing, mining, professional services, real estate, resort and hospitality, restaurants, telecommunications, and financial services.

What are the qualities of a valuable business?

The ability to generate cash flow is a very important factor.  This can consist of historical cash flows for a stable business or prospective future cash flows for a new business, but either way the company needs to make money at some point.  Risk is another critical factor.  A company which has less risk is going to be more valuable than a similar company with more risk.  There are more factors which vary between industries and business models, and we may be able assist in maximizing those value factors through the process of an engagement.

What are typical fees?

Fees vary significantly depending on the type of engagement.  If there is a potential project, please call us so we can determine the scope of work required.  We will provide an estimate of fees based on the expected time required to complete the engagement.  We usually bill based on a fixed fee, which will be documented in a formal proposal, so you know before starting how much the total cost will be.  Some engagements, such as litigation work, require us to bill on an hourly basis because the scope of work can constantly change.

What is the normal timing of a project?

Our standard timing to produce a draft report is 30 days from the signing of an engagement letter and receipt of the preliminary data request.  However, we understand some projects are time sensitive, and we have the staff and resources to accommodate short time frames.